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Yonko Graphic Tee

Yonko Graphic Tee

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Design Inspiration:

♦️The headline text "赤い賊" roughly translates to "Red Pirate" - inspired by his infamous red hair which is known throughout the seas

♦️We have of course included his iconic scratch mark that covers his left eye but put our own twist to it.

♦️The year "1999" is the year in which our favourite red haired pirate first made an appearance in a One Piece episode.

♦️"Yonko" means 'The Four Emperors of the Sea" referring to the great title that Shanks acquired.

♦️The jolly roger included on the T-Shirt is none other than the 'Red Haired Pirates' Crew jolly roger lead by Shanks.

♦️"天皇" means 'Emperor'

♦️4.05M used to be his bounty. Over time it's gained 3 extra digits resulting in the current 4,048,900,000 bounty. A bounty expected from a 'Yonko'

♦️We decided to include 3 straw hats to symbolize the infamous straw-hat being passed on through generations and there being 3 different known owners throughout time; Roger, Shanks and now Luffy.

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